On January 26th, Adrian and I made a trip up to Sun National Bank Center for a Disney on Ice show. I’ve been to a few Disney on Ice shows in the past, but I was really excited about this one because that was Adrian’s first time going to one. Considering he’s only 2 years old, I was a little concerned about how well he would behave at the arena. Was he going to be able to sit down the whoe time? Would he keep crying for me to buy him some of the toys that Disney like to parade up and down the aisles? Or would he cranky or shy the whole time (he gets that way often)? 

I first began reading reviews of the show about a month and a half leading up to the show. There I learned that in order for this experience to be at least somewhat successful, I would have to introduce him to many of the characters that would be appearing in the show. Of course he knew and adored Mickey and the gang, considering that he was completely obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I just had to gradually introduce him to The Lion King, Peter Pan, Lilo and Stitch, and The Little Mermaid.

Finally the day had arrived and he seemed ready. I kept trying to explain to him that we were going to see Goofy, Stitch, Simba, and Captain Hook and Smee (Whom he oddly adored). He seemed really excited. However, when we had finally arrived and made it past security he started to crawl into his shell and the cranky/shy attitude that he has sometimes started to surface. We walked around a little until we entered the stadium and as we were about to begin looking for our seats, he whined and tried to run out. I’m guessing to him, the idea of walking into this huge dark stadium was very scary (especially since it was filled with strangers). We walked around a bit more, purchased some cotton candy and popcorn and rushed over to our seats 2 mins before the show started. The box of popcorn with Goofy on it made Adrian feel a lot more at ease.

The show started out with Goofy and the gang, then went into the Lion King act, followed by the Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch, and finally Peter Pan. Adrian seemed a little confused in  the beginning but once he saw Simba, Timon and Pumba, he really got into it.

Adrian’s favorite parts were when Goofy fell down on multiple occasions, when the darling family were flying, and when Captain Hook got eaten by the Crocodile. It was an enjoyable show. I would definitely go to another show in the future if Adrian is up for it. Despite his rough start at the arena, at the end of the show, he could not stop talking about it all. He also didn’t bother me for any of the toys and sat through the entire performance which I was very happy about. We did leave with 2 souvenirs; a stitch cup and the flounder hat [to add to my weird hat collection :) ]. Right now I’m debating on whether or not I would to take him to the circus, but we’ll see. For now, here are some of the pictures that I took from the show.



Bella Update :)

At 3 months, Bella has been such a puppy, she nibbles on everything that she can get her teeth on. My keys, toes, fingers, clothes, shoes, just EVERYTHING. At times it can be a little annoying but at other times it can be so adorably cute. I understand that she’s a puppy and is teething and just wants to play all the time so I figured I’d take it all in before she reaches a age where she no longer wants to play all the time.

I was asked for more pics of her and have decided to post some here.

New Years Eve

On New Year’s Eve, I got the chance to watch the fireworks at Penns Landing, which provided me with the opportunity to finally try taking pictures of fireworks. From this session, I’ve learned that timing is very important and so is shutter speed. If it was too fast, I just got spots of light and if it was too slow then the fireworks looked more like beams. Both effects were pretty cool though. Overall, changing my location so that the Ben Franklin Bridge was in my backdrop could’ve improved my pictures immensely. I still very satisfied with my first attempt.

Last Sunday I turned 23 and am finally realizing how quickly time passes by us. This whole entire year has been going way too fast and I feel like I hadn’t gotten the chance to fully enjoy it. So next year I’m going to have to try to live it up to the fullest.

Well anyways, for my birthday, I did the same thing that I’ve done in previous years. I worked and I hung out with numerous friends and family members following my birthday at the movies and for lunch/dinners. Well the day following my birthday, I went out for lunch with my brother and sister. But first insisted that we see the christmas light shows at Macy’s and Comcast. When we first arrived downtown, we made our first stop at Macy’s. I’ve taken Adrian to Macy’s a few times before the show started and as usual, he always has a “wooooow” expression on his face when he sees the lights. So this time we actually sat down to watch the show. The show is only a couple of minutes long and plays a series of classic christmas songs such as Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, to dancing lights. It’s a nice show and appeals mostly to younger children.

After we left Macy’s, we went straight to The Midtown Continental for lunch. I’ve never taken Adrian to an actual restaurant before so I was a little nervous about it at first but he did well. I had a burger and my sister had the Philly cheesesteaks egg rolls which looked good. Last year we came here for dinner and left a little disappointed with how small the meals were. However, I later learned that lunch here was better and served bigger meals which made me want to give it another try. The ambiance is nice and this place has a very modern look/feel too it which is why I really like it.

After we were had lunch, we went straight to the comcast building just in time to see their holiday show. It was really nice, there were lights, ice skating, the nutcracker, nice city scenes, dancing, and even a surprise visit from Santa :). At the very end of the show, it was snowing inside the building which was a really nice addition. I have to say that I enjoyed this show a lot more than Macy’s. Yea, I know, the shows are very different and shouldn’t really be compared to one another but I guess I just enjoyed the more modern one of the two. And from the looks of it, Adrian enjoyed the comcast one, more, as well. :)





Mickey Mouse Cupcakes! :)

After seeing these adorable Mickey Mouse cupcakes online, I knew that I had to attempt to make them with my Mickey Mouse Clubhouse crazed brother. When I picked him up from his house in the morning, I let him know what our plans would be for the day and he got pretty excited.

Surprisingly, he was very interested in helping me make them. I would have to say that his favorite parts were breaking up the oreos and tasting the cake batter, of course :) . We pretty much made the cupcakes with a regular store bought cake mix, spread white frosting over them and sprinkled crushed up oreos on top of them. Then we added whole oreos on top of them, using toothpicks, for mickey mouse’s ears. He loved the results and was really excited to take them home and show his parents. :)

Christmas is Coming

I have been so busy lately; with school, work, miscellaneous outings. With the holidays and exams I have been soooo busy. Since christmas is near, I have been getting Adrian into the lights and festivities. Soon we’ll be making christmas cookies and watching the Macy’s and Comcast Light Shows. But since the weather has gotten a lot colder, the outings have decreased :/ Guess it’s time to think of some fun indoor activities.

On another note, the other day, as I was putting the tree up, Bella, curled up by the tree and fell asleep. So, me being me, I added a few decorations here and there and decided that it was the perfect time to take a few christmas shots of her. I’ve uploaded a few to share :)


Philadelphia Marathon Weekend

Back in April 2011, I decided that I would register for the Philadelphia Half Marathon this November. Soon after I registered I began having really bad IT band issues which refused to go away, no matter how many solutions I tried (foam roller, KT Tape, knee strengthening exercises, etc). Until finally, I spoke to someone who recommended that I’d stop running for awhile. After my last race in New Jersey, which left me in so much pain, I decided that maybe taking a break was the better way to go. And so I did. I didn’t start running again until September. However, soon after I started running, I sprained my ankle -_- … I was very upset about it because the Philadelphia Half Marathon was only 2 months away and I still hadn’t gotten the chance to train for it. When my ankle finally stopped hurting, late October, I decided to try them out and ran with NO PAIN. :)

My training for the Half was very minimal. Within the course of a month, I’d say I only ran about 3 times a week and my longest run was about 4 miles. Although I felt unprepared physically, I was ready mentally.

And so the Philadelphia Marathon weekend was here and it was time for me to put aside any doubts and embrace it. Two of my friends were also participating in the event. One was running the full marathon, the other ran the 8k and the half. Both did really well in their events, and I finished with a satisfying 2 hours 17 minutes. I’ve done better but considering I had zero training and was stuffed up, I was satisfied.

For those who’ve never run the race, the race starts/finishes off at the parkway where the art museum is located. It takes you through scenic views of the Ben Franklin bridge, South & Chestnut Streets, Drexel University, past the Zoo, thru fairmount park, and down to the Kelly Drive loop. The course starts off relatively flat. It gets a little hilly around mile 7 thru 9 but then becomes very flat. The weather this year was beautiful at around 51 degrees starting and probably 58-ish degrees at the end.

I didn’t get a chance to take any pics from my race but I got a few shots of the Rothman 8k.

Adrian at the Expo, enjoying himself at the Kids Fun Zone.




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